Our Mission

EndoCRO was established in order to allow research science the progress it deserves to accelerate our scientific understanding of medical cannabis on the human condition.

EndoCRO understands that the key to advancing our knowledge of medical cannabis and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is rooted in evidence based, clinical study.  We use the unique experience and regulatory framework in Israel, to accelerate Medical Cannabis Clinical Research by providing the clinical facilities required to collect data in order to move the study and application of medical cannabis out of the realm of speculation and into evidence-based science.


We also harbor a personal belief that many of the trials run through our CRO will have historic impact on course of medicine and the treatment of disease.

Regulatory Complaince

Regulatory Complaince Working with our partners at the Israeli Ministry of Health, Endo CRO and our partner network have gained experience in preparing for and conducting clinical investigations. 2Compliant with International Standards including ICH, GCP, The Clinical Trial Directive 2001/20/EU and the code of Federal Regulations (FDA 21 CFR)

Site Management:

Site Management Working with PI’s (Principle Investigators) and their teams, EndoCRO has a professional network of physicians in four of the largest hospitals in Israel. These centers have all participated in multi-site, multinational, GCP studies, and due to the regulatory status and history of approvals, the study of Medical Cannabis is often much faster in Israel than in other countries

Investigational Product

Investigational Product EndoCRO - has relationships with some of Israel’s most experienced growers, formulators and manufacturers and can supply the investigational product in adherence to the study protocol, GMP and local regulations. EndoCRO is able to work with a local team to provide storage and transportation in compliance with local regulations.

Study Services:  EndoCRO provides th

Study Services: EndoCRO provides the full suite of CRO services including: Study design and protocol development -Construction of project budget - CRF development -Regulatory submissions  - site selection process - monitoring activities

Quality Management

Quality Management: ​ Quality processes are embedded in the EndoCRO delivery model. Our dedicated QA manager supports the project teams to ensure that established processes meet the needs of the project and that all the regulatory requirements are fulfilled to protocol specifications with the applicable standards.


Therapeutic Areas include: Oncology  GI  Cardiology   Neurology Psychology






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